Shae from the TV-series Game of Thrones
Costume, cosplay and photograpy by JC / Fandomily cosplay

I had no love for Shae in the books, but the Shae in the TV-series was wonderful. They writers of the show made a really hard task for themselves making her so warm, witty and likeable in the show, since her destiny would have to end up like it did in the books. Which made the speech Tyrion did when breaking up with her even more important, because it had to be believable – by her. She had to believe he had only used her and thought so little of her, to make her capable of betraying him. And let’s not forget that the Lannisters did a huge part by threatening her life if she did not comply. Was she ready to let the Lannisters take her life to defend a man who had hurt and betrayed her so badly? No.
Although many, especially those who did not read the books before they saw the episode, felt that her lies in court was a huge betrayal (because every viewer knew Tyrion hurt her out of love – she did not cause then she wouldn’t have left) both she and Tyrion understood perfectly why she did. And I firmly believe that her one mistake does not delete all the good things she did all through the series. The only thing that did not fit in the direction they had taken the series (spoiler alert!) was that he later found her in his father’s bed. On the other hand, since Tysha played a big part for Tyrion in the books but is not part of the series, they had to make Shae the reason that drives Tyrion further from that part on. In that way, Shae in the series functions as book-Shae and Tysha both.

Where do whores go?

This was my understanding of Shae before I read this. Read what actor Sibel Kekilli’s own thoughts on the matter: