Competition: Win your very own Ghost!

Would you like to win your very own ingame sized Ghost? Well here is your chance!


Here is how you can win:

1. You need to go to our Facebook page (here it is) and find the post describing this competition (called The Ghost competition, posted 16th of  July 2015). Then you share this post on Facebook and comment on the original post  what Ghost skin you would like to have if you win (some of the available skins can be found here).

2. You need to answer some questions about Fandomily cosplay. You will get 1 point for every correct answer (there are no minus points for wrong answers). The questions can be found at the bottom of this page. Email your answers to us at: and make sure that you write your Facebook name in this email since we’ll use Facebook to contact you if you win. All answers can be found by looking through our webpage and/or our Facebook page (it should really not be hard to find!)

3. There is a way to get bonus points in this competition. These will be added to your points from part 2 of the competition. Here is how you can get it: Take a selfie with one of the Fandomily cosplayers (in cosplay!). You get 1 point for a selfie with any of us in any cosplay, and 2 points if you catch a selfie with JC’s Warlock. You can only get bonus points from 1 selfie, so no more than 2 bonus points.

Make sure to tag Fandomily cosplay in the picture as well as hashtag #fandomilycompetition (so we can find it). These selfies can be taken either at Närcon, Torucon or Metrocon this year.


Calculating points:

There will be a total for 9 points to be earned.

– A total of 7 points if every question is answered correctly.

– A total of 2 bonus points (for a selfie with the appropriate tag and hashtag).


This is how we’ll pick a winner:

The competition ends on the 1st of October and the winner will be announced shortly after that. We are going to contact you on Facebook and then announce the winner on our Facebook page.


This is your prize:

– 1st prize is your very on ingame sized (14×14 cm) Ghost made by JC. It has it’s own little blue light and a little hook from which you can hang him somewhere nice. See pictures of the Ghost JC made for her Warlock cosplay to see what it will look like.


Well then! Good luck!


Here are the questions:

You can answer in English or Norwegian. Send your response to (you can only submit your answers once) and REMEMBER to write the name you use on Facebook at the top of your email. Write “Ghost competition” in the subject field of the email.


Subject field: Ghost competition

Your name on Facebook: ________

1. How many members are part of Fandomily cosplay?

2. What country are the Fandomily coysplayers from?

3. What does the name “Fandomily” stand for?

4. What does Fandomily cosplay do for every 100 follower (likes) on Facebook?

5. Of what cosplay is the first picture on Fandomily cosplay’s Instagram page?

6. With what cosplay did JC qualify for the Nordic Cosplay Championship 2015?

7. What actor is the voice of Ghost in the game Destiny?


All answers can be found on our webpage, facebook page and instagram.