About Fandomily

Fandomily cosplay is a Norwegian family cosplay crew consisting of two pairs of siblings from two generations.

Wee and Pharamony are sisters. Matty and Miir are Wee’s children. Although we often cosplay together we are also different in our ambitions and interests. We do however share some fandoms that we indulge in together. We love to entertain!

Our intention with Fandomily cosplay is to be good ambassadors for the Norwegian cosplay community and strive to keep the positive, including and growing culture that exists today. This is the reason why we focus on promoting Norwegian cosplayers, cosplay photographers and cosplaying events (mainly on our Facebook page). We participate wherever and however we can to promote Norwegian cosplay (competitions, panels, conventions, projects, exhibitions).

Read more about each one of us here: Cosplayers
You can also follow us at Instagram (fandomily_cosplay) and on Facebook (Fandomily cosplay)


Articles / features with Fandomily cosplay:

– Wee’s Catelyn Stark cosplay and Pharamony’s Shae cosplay made the list The best Game of thrones cosplay in the world

– Pharamony’s Ninetales was featured in this awesome Spillexpo 2014 cosplay music video by Morten Skoglund to the hit track “All about that bass” (Meghan Trainor)

– Catelyn Stark (Wee) got featured yet again in Cos Couture’s piece on the Starks.

Fandomily cosplay has been awarded Cosplayer of the year 2014 at Cosplay Norway =0

– Honeydew (Matty) and Aang (Miir) was featured in Cos Couture’s piece about child cosplayers.

– Ninetales (Pharamony) was featured in Cos Couture’s piece on gijinka Pokemon.