Need something crafted?

Pharamony will occasionally consider doing commissioned work. Primarily parts and props of costumes and not complete costumes (depending on how huge and time consuming they are).

What you need to know:

Ordering a costume made for you is expensive. Let us just be honest about that. Not only will you have to pay for the material costs and shipping, but there is a considerable amount of time that goes into making a costume or prop. Since I am not only spending hours, days or even weeks on a project and paying taxes, it naturally has to be some profit left for me in the end. You may send a request, but please be prepared that this is way more expencive than making it yourself or buying a finished costume in a toystore or on Ebay / Amazon.

What you need to include in your request:

As many high quality reference pictures as you can get your hands on. Preferably from all angles. If you want something altered from the original, then be very specific about what. Also let me know how much you are willing to spend on this item.

So this is what you need to include in your request:

  • reference pictures
  • your country of origin (where it will have to be shipped to)
  • how much you are willing to spend on this project
  • any alteration requests to the original
  • will you need help to find materials (fabrics) or will you do this yourself
  • when the project’s deadline is

Send your request to: