Matty is our youngest crew member. He was 11 when he started cosplaying, and his first cosplay was the 11th Doctor. Although it was his first time at a convention, he didn´t hesitate long when his auntie JC strongly encouraged him to enter the competition. His performance rocked the stage, won the audiences hearts, earned him third place in the competition and the nickname LittleEleven. He is a true performer.

Matty really enjoys cosplaying and going to conventions. He gets inspiration from some of his favorite channels on YouTube (like the Yogscast), Doctor Who series, Marvel movies and games like Lord of the Rings and Skyrim. So the possibility is high of future Skyrim and superhero cosplays. LittleEleven will surely have a comeback sooner or later.

So far his mum Wee has made his cosplays, and occasionally he´s had help from auntie JC and both his grannies. He does aspire to learn how to make his own costumes but needs to add some patience to his massive humor and creativity.

His 11th Doctor Who cosplay won him a third place and the audiences favorite at Desucon: Fantasy 2013.