Miir attended her first convention April 2013. Her very first cosplay was Amy Pond from Doctor Who, assembled by pretty ordinary clothes that looked similar to the outfit from an episode of the series. After this first experience, her cosplays are getting better and better for each costume. So far she has cosplayed Oswin Oswald (Doctor Who), an original designed elf, Aang (Avatar: the last airbender), and princess Aurora (Maleficent). All her cosplays so far have been made by her mum Wee.

Miir is a creative and skilled girl and she seems to have inherited a double portion of perfectionism – from both her mum and aunt JC. So as she grows in skill her ambitions grow just as fast and she wishes to perfect her earlier cosplays before she wears them again.
Anime has become her newest passion so it is quite likely that she´ll be cosplaying more animecharacters in the future. She has started sewing-lessons with her mum, so the next cosplays will be increasingly made by herself.
– Miir won “Best performance” with her Rin cosplay at Metrocon 2014.