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Pharamony started cosplaying by coincidence after having had a secret wish to do so for years. At her first convention she wore a rubbish costume made just the night before. After this experience however her ambitions and inspiration escalated fast. When she managed to lure her sister, niece and nephew to cosplay with her, the group Fandomily cosplay was born.

Pharamony’s passion for cosplay comes from the creativity of costume making. Most of the fun lies in the process of planning, learning and then finally putting together the finished costume, seeing it in action. She also enjoys entertaining on and off stage.

According to Pharamony, the most important mission of Fandomily cosplay is that the group is supposed to be good ambassadors for the Norwegian cosplaying community and being good role models to keep it positive and including for all ages, genders and level of skills.

Pharamony has competed in numerous cosplay competitions:

Shae cosplay won the prize for best cosplay from TV-series/Film at Desucon: Fantasy 2014 and was part of a costume exhibition at Desucon 9.
Her second Maleficent cosplay won 2nd prize in the cosplay competition at Torucon  2014
Ninetales won the prize for “Best audience reaction” in the outfit competition at Torucon 2014 .
Her Sesshomaru cosplay won 1st prize at the cosplay competition at Metrocon 2014 and qualified her to represent Norway in the Nordic cosplay championship (NCC) in Sweden 2015.
Evil Queen Regina cosplay won the prize for “best likeness to the original” at Desucon: Fantasy 2015.
– The amazing Awoken warlock (Destiny) cosplay won 2nd place in the Nordic Cosplay Championship (North-European championship) at Närcon in 2015!
Fenrissa (Genderbent Fenris) won 3rd place in Torucon’s outfitcompetition 2015.

She also has plenty of experience from being a judge in cosplay and costume competitions at most Norwegian conventions: Desucon, Torucon, Närcon (The Nordic Cosplay Championship), The Gathering, Metrocon, Fredrikstad Sci-Fi Festival, Spillexpo, DigitalityX and Arcon.

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Photos by: Danarki Photography – Danarki Photography – Katrix Media Site