During autumn 2012, Wee first saw a photo that her sister JC shared on Facebook of herself in a Sheik cosplay, Wee was surprised and impressed and told JC; Maybe I could come with you some time next time. But I don´t think I´d dare to go without the kids….”

And that´s exactly what happened in april 2013 and Fandomily cosplay was soon to be a fact.

The other thing that happened during autumn 2012, was that Wee “discovered” the legendary BBC-series: Doctor Who. She and her kids fell in love with the series, so the choice of their first cosplays were pretty obvious: the Doctor, Amy Pond and River Song. Wee`s favorite cosplay continues to be River Song. She has done three different versions of her so far.

Wee had passed 40 when she debuted as a cosplayer. She naturally often finds herself being the oldest, or at least amongst the oldest people (cosplaying) at conventions. The first times, she kept telling people that she was there mainly to accompany her kids and it was fun to be told that she was probably “the coolest mum in the world”. But after more than a couple of conventions she now feels all included, as an adult cosplayer, not just the mum of cosplayers.

Wee doesn’t just make/assemble her own costumes, but she does the same for Matty and Miir =0  Now if you thought YOU were in over your head in stress before a convention, just imagine having to make costumes for three people!

Her wish is to inspire more grown-up people to dare live their dreams and realize their creative ideas. And to be an example that anyone can cosplay anything they like, independent of age, size or appearance.

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